Ahmet Sezer

General Manager


As the Inteltek family, we are proud of having successfully operated the iddaa game on behalf of Spor Toto Organization for eight years and for having created a sports economy, a giant industry and a unique brand.

This story of success is unprecedented in the current Turkish economy and iddaa is now one of the 10 biggest economic projects in the past 10 years. iddaa has provided direct or indirect employment for thousands of people.

In addition to the USD 6,3 billion in financial resources iddaa has provided for the public benefits -to the Treasury and Turkish Sports- between 2004 and 2013 by Spor Toto Organization and supplying more than 600 sporting facilities. This has been our key motivation.

iddaa is now a natural sports sponsor and its role is gradually increasing in shaping the future of Turkish sport.

Not only has iddaa been a great success in Turkey, but also overseas. Azerinteltek Topaz, our venture in Azerbaijan, began operations in 2011 and is the sole legal operator. Our Azeri operation is the first step towards becoming an international company, which is Inteltek’s goal. And we have converted our experience in Turkey into an international investment on behalf of our country.

iddaa adds genuine excitement and entertainment to the lives of Turkish people and for that I sincerely thank all our stakeholders who have contributed in our achievements so far.

Sincerely yours,